Snow Queen

Aleah Steger

2019 Snow Queen

“My name is Aleah Steger and I am from Mina Lake, South Dakota, however, I go to school in Ipswich. My parents are Danny and Melissa Steger and my brother’s name is Trenton. My hobbies include art, sports, shopping, and spending time with my friends, family, and dog, Willow. I wanted to be the 2019 South Dakota Snow Queen because I wanted to further my experiences in life and inspire in others that being yourself will lead you to a great destination. Being the South Dakota Snow Queen is a huge honor and accomplishment for me, particularly because I stayed true to myself throughout the competition and they chose me for that. I owe a special thanks to my family and friends as they have accepted me throughout my life for being myself. Additionally, I am a very social person and love meeting new people, therefore, I wanted the experience of encountering others from different states and countries. Experiencing the diversity of origin and thought of the other festivals will expand my horizon. This year, I want to keep meeting new people and grow my experience with this amazing opportunity. Furthermore, I want to be involved with events around the Aberdeen area and make an impact on everyone around me. I want to inspire in young girls the beauty of Snow Queen so they participate and grow the organization for the future.”