Board of Directors

Elizabeth Flannery, SDSQ President
Paula Mitchell, SDSQ Vice President
Brittney Casey, SDSQ Treasurer
Samantha Huber, SDSQ Secretary
 Dave Fischer/Heather Elsen, Ambassador Elect
Dawn and Don Bremer, Ambassador
Curt Mitchell, SDSQ GASM
Executive Committee

Rochelle Pfitzer, Tiffany Poirier, and Amber Skinner, Festival Promotions
Alex Bartlett , Local Contests

Shelby Hinz and Brittney Casey, Queen's Activities
Shauna Hinz,Housing & Banquets



Ray Huber and Susan Hassebroek, Food Procurement 

Brittney Bulson, Magazine 

Susan and McKenzie Hassebroek, Prince and Princess 

Jonie Abler and Gwyn Fischbach, Social Media

Kaitlin O'Neill, Stage and Script

Curt Mitchell, Transportation

Derek Pfitzer, Gwyn Fischbach, Jessica Hansen, Joyce Voeller, Katie Moulsoff, Katie Redden, Nancy Shaner, Kim Mills, Sharolyn Jodahl, and Stephanie Meyers,  Other Members