The Aberdeen Snow Queen Festival began after WW II when officials from the St. Paul Winter Carnival approached Aberdeen with the idea of becoming a satellite of the Carnival.
The first Queen was crowned in January 1947.
As  a part of the South Dakota Snow Queen Royal Family, the Queen and Jr Queen serve as ambassadors for the Festival and the state of South Dakota, appearing throughout the region at official Festival, local and state events during their year reign.

"In every woman, there is a Queen."

Queen Aleah Steger and Jr. Queen Macie Luce, stop at the state line for a trendy traditional photo at Minnesota welcome sign. They are on their way to a fun weekend in St Paul for the Coolest Celebration on Earth. The 133rd Saint Paul Winter Carnival!

Aleah Steger, Miss Ipswich 2019 Sr Snow Queen, 2019 SD Jr Snow Queen Macie Luce

Blue, Brews, and BBQ is just around the corner!

An Aberdeen Area Music Fest!

Saturday, July 27th at Centennial Village

  • Junior Talent: 12 years of age & Under- Winner will go on to compete at 2020 Junior SD Snow Queen Festival January 4th, 2020
  • Senior Talent: 13-19 years of age- Winner will go on to compete at 2020 SD Snow Queen Festival January 11th, 2020 and will ALSO be sent to SD State Fair to compete for $500

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